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Mike Cusick Posted by: Mike Cusick 2 weeks ago

Tim Devlin is an avid rider and former mountain bike racer who has been partaking in Fat and Skinny Tire Fest for 15 years. He and his wife Kerry – also a cyclist  – have been married for about 10 years and have brought the kids along for the ride.

Both their daughter Palmer, 7, and son Crosby, 5, have been on bikes since they were infants. Devlin is especially excited this year because it’s the first time that all four of them can complete the Friday morning Bike-to-Work Day ride on their own bikes.

When asked what makes Fat and Skinny Tire Fest great for families Devlin said, “It’s more about the spirit than who wins and loses. It’s as much for people who don’t ride as those who do.” He added that, “the weather cooperates most of the time, but it’s still fun if it doesn’t.”

He says that one of his favorite activities is to cheer on racers. “You can see on their faces how much effort the riders have put in,” he says, adding that “I get more joy volunteering and helping others find fulfillment in the race.”

In addition to the races and activities, Devlin also likes that Fat and Skinny Tire Fest supports local businesses. 

So come on out and join the Devlins and all the other families having a blast at FSTF!