KCV Cycling Club takes pride in working with our civic, business and social leaders to help make Warsaw, Winona Lake, and our neighboring towns more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly communities.


In May of 2011, we partnered with K21 Health Foundation, Bicycle Indiana, the Indiana Department of Health, the city of Warsaw and town of Winona Lake to host a Bicycle Friendly Community preparation and planning seminar during the 8th Annual Fat & Skinny Tire Fest.


What transpired was a dedication and commitment to achieving official “Bicycle Friendly Community” status awarded and recognized nationally per the League of American Bicyclists in Washington D.C.


The logo and slogan below represent that commitment, along with the current Bicycle Master Plan working document which is continually evolving to help make our community a safer and more enjoyable place to live, work and play!


We hope you’ll join the movement. Each of us can play a part. Just get out and ride, share your views, volunteer and support a healthier, happier community.

Raising awareness for cycling through


that helps citizens and visitors recognize the benefits of safe, integrated


to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure which allows for


that together, help make our community a better place to love, work and play.