Greg Demopoulos


Greg is one of our original founders and our visionary.  Greg’s passion for our community and bicycles is what keeps us all going.  He is well respected in Warsaw and Winona Lake among our community leaders.  When he is not riding his bike Greg spends time with friends and family, and is the mastermind behind our beloved Winona Lake Trails.

Curt Barkey

Vice President

Our resident technology wizard, Curt’s passion for technology has brought us into the modern age of running the organization more streamlined and making it more efficient for everyone to get the information they need easier.  When he is not riding his bicycle Curt loves wood working and has built all the furniture in his home office.

Mike Cusick


Mikes knack for the numbers keep us all inline and ensures we never end up in the red.  He has taken the responsibility of being co-director with Greg and Curt for Fat and Skinny Tire Fest and ensures we stay on task and helps produce one of the best events in Kosciusko County.  When Mike is not riding bikes, he enjoys spending time on Winona Lake with his family.

Rob Bishop

Board Member

It is always good to have a good attorney at your side.  Rob’s due diligence for the exciting part of the business dealing with insurance, and our other legal requirements is a true blessing.  Rob has ridden the 2nd Mile Missions divide ride several times and is becoming a well versed long distance rider.  When Rob is not training for his long rides you can find him enjoying his movie theater.  It’s not quite IMAX but very impressive.

Fred Helfrich

Board Member

Fred has a passion for community and making that community safe for everyone to ride in.  He sits on the advisory committee for Ride+Walk and has a direct line to our Mayor.  Fred has completed the RAGBRAI many times and says it is the most fun you can have on two wheels for a week.  When Fred is not riding his bike you can find him pool side with his Black Lab Maggie.

Kim Lezark

Board Member

Kim works closely with Fred making our community a great place to live, work, and play.  Working alongside Fred one of their biggest achievements is developing and obtaining a grant for Tracy’s Trailer; a mobile bicycle education classroom that helps our elementary schools teach our younger generation how to ride safely.  She is also a Giant Liv Ambassador and is passionate about women’s cycling.

Barry McManus

Board Member

Did you know Barry is a six time BMX national champion?  That’s right, he won’t tell you about it because he is too modest, but we think it is pretty awesome.  Barry has lived in Warsaw, Winona Lake for a long time.  However, he recently was able to purchase Trailhouse from long time owners Rob and Nancy Gast.  He is carrying on their tradition of small town shop with big time brands.  When he is not working at the shop, you can find in hanging out with his family on Winona Lake.

Russell Webb

Board Member

Like Greg, Russell is a veteran of the bicycle industry, which is where the two met, as they both sponsored the same top pro riders and teams in the mid 90s – 2000s. Russell is involved with the marketing & branding of KCV as well as our bomb soundtracks & music mixes. Russell is opposed to lycra so he only rides mountain bikes or his cruiser to dinner with his wife.  When he is not riding his bike he spends time with his family and supports his daughter’s competitive cheerleading.